OKKS Studios

About The Firm

OKKS Studios, Inc. (OKKS) is an architectural and master planning firm on a path to the next generation of services. More than your standard architecture firm, OKKS is a studio environment where new concepts in service, design, and the business of building are incubating. The firm has been recognized for ground breaking contributions in master planning, business leadership, security design, value engineering, and industry guidelines & standardization. Located at the urban crossroads of Montgomery County, Maryland and the Nation's Capital, the office is high octane, passionate, and inspired.

OKKS was founded in 1970 as Oudens + Knoop Architects PC., and in the past four decades has been working for organizations navigating change and in need of solutions to address their complex challenges. This award winning firm deploys teams of experts in a collaborative process that is the launch point for custom solutions that give our clients value oriented, lasting, and effective support of their mission. The firm's services drill into client business models and program needs and result in truly effective master planning and meaningful architectural solutions.

For solid teaming relationships, OKKS is your ideal partner. Team work is an open forum for straight talk and productive dialog. OKKS has worked with the finest firms in the AEC industry, coordinating efforts on creating a value oriented balance of quality and creativity to make projects successful for all.

OKKS clients have included the federal and local governments, school systems, major hospital systems, technology companies and private healthcare facilities. The firm has worked across the US and in more than 80 countries worldwide. It has been an industry leader in healthcare design, security planning, master planning, and maximization through value engineering. At OKKS, the firm is in constant pursuit of meaningful design that elegantly weds function, performance, ecological stewardship and aesthetics.